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Communite is a multiplayer town building simulator!

Create your own village in a shared world, while helping others construct theirs!

  • Unlock new tiles as you level up!
  • Co-operate with others to finish higher tier buildings!
  • Build your own Home in your personal area (and invite others to visit!)
  • Rescue adorable NPCs around the world and become their friend!
  • Play a relaxing minigame to decompress (if you can find it)!

Be kind and use your creative spark to bring joy to others!


  • WASD - Move Camera
  •  Num Keys (Starting right to left from 0-3!) - Place Tiles Shortcut
  • Arrows Keys/Mouse Swipe - Change Menu Pages
  • U - Undo
  • J - Join
  • Q - Quickbuild
  • Enter - Submit Text!



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This would be killer on the switch with crossplay with mobile (lofty goals, I know)


This game is so cute and relaxing.. I love it!!!


Very cute and nice idea for an asynchronous coop game. Sadly I couldn't really try it out as all the community goals were already reached




the game will be compatible with linux?


I would love


@tamupsps @Sekva works well with wine.


hello :)

I’m playing it using Steam on ArchLinux + ProtonGE and it works flawlessly. :-)

I think the server is down

The server should be up again! A lot of new players joined so the server capacity had to be increased :).

Hello, I have a problem when I enter the game, a connection screen appears, after your "intro", and it stays on that same screen and Sometimes a screen flashes as if I were inside a server but it doesn't let me do anything, and it stays on the same connection screen.

Thank you for your attention, and I would like the game to go back to normal because I'm really enjoying it, it's probably a server error because a big streamer (felps) on the same day played with his community in the game.

 Some supporting images:


Today is Gamescom. Maybe that is the reason. Bigger Server? 


it's good if it has login function, cause i'm afraid to lose my data too


is there a way to teleport to a co-ordinat

wtf ,

why can't enter the game? I keep loading like that, I'm so angry

have you made sure you downloaded the latest version? we released an update today!

sorry for my vulgar words. I just want to play this game too ! This game is really fun

Really fun and a good time killer, keep up the awesome work guys

does anyone know how to make a private server?

(1 edit) (+1)

Yes !

Go to https://www.jimjum.io/

and submit on: Get your own server

You need to have youtube or twitch content for that


Grave cool , bon passe temps l'idée d'un serveur unique communautaire est bien , peut etre l'ajout d'équipe et de claim des zone pour des build organisé 


I really like this game. 

People have made some really cool things. I'd love to be able to put the star-eyes emote on a sign to show my appreciation for the Pokemon portraits I found.


This game is incredible! Congrats for everyone. It feels so very well polished, you can see a lot of love went into it. Keep up the awesome work!


I really loved the feeling of becoming more powerful as I leveled up and being able to place things more quickly and construct larger and larger things more efficiently. Unfortunately once I discovered that there's a level cap, these feelings faded and while I do enjoy constructing things for the sake of it, the sense of progression that had me hooked dissipated. I would really love it if the level cap was removed.


This is the game i've ever played in my entire life

steam release :D?


help i tried booting up the game but it doesnt progress until the jimjum studios screen

same it's stuck there for me too, I don't know what to do

Launch communite.exe in compatibility mode with windows 7

It worked after I commented that, for some reason it worked the third time. Should have sent a comment update.

The game is super cool. I even met some nice people and its great we don´t have to talk to much to get things done ( I hate talking to strangers)

(1 edit)

is there a solo world were its just me/edit ive tried searching but nothing pops up

You can go to global server, set icognito mode on on settings and chill alone somewhere far from the center


just amazing. it's such cute and cool game. the graphics and the animation are smooth and plain adorable! 12/10

Deleted 69 days ago
Deleted 68 days ago

Is the store image supposed to represent the community TV show so well?!

This is so wholesome! I am frog.

I don't know how to switch to next tabs in a menu though. Or how to walk...

switch tabs: swipe. took me time as well.

walk: you don't.

Thanks özaki! I'll try to swipe, even though I'm on pc. I guess drag the whole bar. 





that is revolutionary!



good game pls make 2d and more to do pls


love if theres more than juzst building on 2d




cute game, but imo a bit hard to navigate


Such a nice game! I love how you can just chill and team up with some random people to just build a cozy little place




i hate it there is no dark twist every game on itch.io has to be a horror game


LMAO!! True though



I wish there was a way to have your own world with the option to share, its just hard to do much when its a clutter of random tiles from others

I think there is actually

I'm having the opposite issue: I started building in my home far away from everyone and can't figure out how to get folks over to help. I tried the share/announce button, but I'm not sure what that does.


This game is so dang cute!!!


Im a huge fan